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Press Handstands

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Ok.... I've always thought that press handstands were really cool, I really love watching them as a beam mount. But the fact is... I can't do them. I've tried learning them before, but have never been successful. So, I'm basiclly a beginner at them. What are some drills that I can do to start learning them? Also, do you think it takes a long time to learn them? I would love to get one someday, so I would love some advice!!:D
Thank You!! =]
(I'm also hurt right now, so I can spend time trying to learn them since I can't do anything gymnastics realated yet, like any impact on my ankle, so I can try to learn them!)


Parallette Training - Volume 2 - The Press to Handstand

this article pretty much goes over the progressions.

basically, develop a solid handstand and strong shoulders by doing handstand stomach to wall. 1m is an ok-decent time to shoot for. it's not good, it's ok at best.

develop a decent static handstand to understand the balance.

work those progressions and the assistance exercises for the hip flexor compression active flexibility.

you can also work the press to handstand off a panel mat if you don't have access to a spotter. it's a little easier.

if the handstand straddle down is too difficult, using a wedge mat changes the angle and makes it easier to lower down ( less leverage because of the angle )

how long it takes depends on how strong your shoulders are and how flexible you are in the hips.
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