Prime invitational Singapore 2014

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Mar 10, 2014
Is anyone else travelling to Singapore prime invitational this year. Our club travels every second year , this year my dd is 8 , we knocked it back two years ago as we thought she was too young to really appreciate it all properly. I have reciently heard that prime will have no IDP girls competing , and that if your dd is and IDP she will drop down to ndp level to compete. Is this fair for the ndp girls, and will the IDP kids have to quickly learn the skills and routines before travelling and competing. Has this ever happened before? Has anyone ever been before. A couple of things that bother me about it, its optional comp therefore only the children with parents who can afford it usually go, also is it serious competition or more a friendly meet where all girls recieve medals. I know that at our state championships competition in our own state ,children do better in Singapore. Which makes me wonder if the competition level is slightly lower than what we are used to. Any advice on this would be helpful. Ultimately my question is is it worth it to attend as a gymnast, does it benefit you or does it give you false belief of ability, should we just focus and Mabye travel in 2 more years when she is 10 and can comprehend it situation better, thanks
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