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Prize Bag Ideas

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by coachmolly, Sep 30, 2017.

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  1. This is somewhat gym related, but I figured I would post here. I have a prize bag that I periodically let the girls pick from, it's not an advertised thing that they work to earn through doing skills, but rather a bonus surprise- a kid being a great teammate/encourager, good helper, etc. But I need some ideas on how to refill the bag. And figured parents of kids in that age range would know well!
    My team kids are ages 7-11, what kind of things would girls those ages like? Currently I have fun notebooks in team colors, gymnastics stickers, headbands, and hair ties- any other ideas? Especially for the 10-11 year old crowd? Ideally in the $5 and under price range. I thought about glitter hairspray and nail polish, but wasn't sure if parents would appreciate that.
    Last season I gave out little stuffed rats from Ikea for 2 girls who were especially encouraging teammates and good rat-titude which the girls loved, so silly things with cheesy meanings are absolutely appreciated as well! ;)
  2. Look at Michaels, they always have cute, cheap things.

    Cute pens in bright colors or ones with silly things that bounce on top.
    Little picture frames, maybe print from your computer message and put it in. Small water bottles.
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  3. *$5 gift cards to Starbucks, local froyo/ice cream shop, movie theatre, Redbox. Obviously pricey end.
    *Open gym coupon (would gym comp all/part of fee?)
    *Water bottle (extra awesome if you can find someone to add fun vinyl to a cheap $1 one. Perhaps with a theme "Coachmolly's Super Gymnast")
    *Candy (as a parent of course I'd cringe a little but for a special thing is ok - generally a serious win for the kids, lol. Be allergy friendly.)
    *Lip gloss
    *Fun backpack clips/keychains (gymnastic themed or not)
    *Funky/fuzzy socks
    *Beanie Boos ($?)
    *Gymnastics pins, etc (Crown Awards has some inexpensive, cheap things, even a 'gymnastics' drawstring bag for 3.99. I successfully ordered a few replacement pins from there)

    Do you have a Five and Below store near you? Many things from there would work.

    And I think the majority of parents would be ok with nail polish, but I know multiple parents that are soooo against the glitter spray.

    That's all I can think of for now. :)
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  4. my kids love the little tins of crazy aaron's thinking putty. they are $5.

    also, squishies of all shapes and sizes. the paper store has a huge selection right now. my 3 kids are nuts for them.

    what about fluffy socks for the 10-11 yo's? my girls love them (10 and 13). the paper store has them for a good price if you buy several pairs at once. maybe works out to $5/per pair. they are good ones too in fun colors. i give them out to my kid's teachers at christmas with gift cards inside. the girls and i also have a few pairs.
  5. Thinking putty. You will be wonder woman if you get thinking putty.
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  6. The first thing in my mind was slime. Any kind of slime. Or slime making supplies. Okay, the parents may not appreciate this, but the girls will :D
  7. Of the ideas proposed so far, my 9yo would definitely love thinking putty, slime (small containers of slime, often seasonal, are available at party supply stores like Party City and Oriental Trading Co.), and squishies (Small, key chain sized, squishies can be purchased in bulk on Amazon). One of my DD's coaches also awards "prizes" and things like small notebooks, fun pencils/pens, "take apart" or puzzle-type erasers, and lip gloss are all popular. If your team girls have lockers, then I would also suggest magnets or "clings" for decorating lockers. Honestly, at least for my DD, it is the recognition more than the prize itself that is appreciated!
  8. Thank you all SO much! I knew you would have great ideas. I can never tell when I see something I think is cool if they will like it or not. Usually the kids who are more like me (quiet and bookish) appreciate them while the others could take it or leave it. So I want to have a little something for everyone. And some of these things I'm not at all familiar with- but after Google-ing squishies I could probably use a few for myself- I can definitely seeing my girls being excited by them!
    We don't have a 5 & Below here, I actually just went into one a few months ago when visiting family and found a few treasures for the summer. But my area is sort of void of fun, inexpensive kid stores so I usually resort to Amazon or Target.
    We just started a new schedule in Sept. that has the girls warming themselves up (following a list of conditioning/stretching) and I paired up the more experienced girls with younger/newer girls. Two of my 11 year olds have really stepped up and done an amazing job of taking on a leadership role so I want to reward them (while also encouraging the others to step up). My girls are all super into unicorns right now so I just found some fun unicorn mugs at TJ Maxx- I was going to fill them with fuzzy socks, hot cocoa, candy, and nail polish for these 2 - I was going to include a cheesy little note with someone along the lines of "Teammates as amazing as you are as special as unicorns" with a note from me on it. Is that something that would be 11 year old approved?
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  9. Bath bombs!
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  10. If they DON'T appreciate that, they have issues. Awesome giftie
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  11. Molly, yes, yes! Definitely include a note. They will love it!,
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  12. My prize bag is fully stocked from the dollar store, Target dollar bins, and re-gifts. I'm trying to thing what has been popular: lip gloss and flavored/scented chapstick (especially the candy scented), lollypops, colorful/sparkly pencils and pens, coloring books with the younger crew, silly putty and slime, hair ties and headbands (especially in team colors), nail polish minis, decks of cards, stickers, glittery temporary tattoos, fun shaped sticky notes (especially unicorns and poop), bangle bracelets.
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  13. So many great ideas! I totally forgot how much I loved Bath & Body Works type stuff at that age- so bath bombs and lip gloss type things are perfect. Thanks!
  14. Figit Spinners if you can find cheap ones,
    The Beanie Boos--Michael's has them so you can use a 40% off coupon and get them cheaper
    The little hatchimals--Also at Michael's so cheap with a coupon
    Coupon for 5 minutes on the Trampoline at the end of practice.
    Coupon for 5 minutes with Coach on skill of choice (I know my DD would kill to work on front tucks in the pit for 5 minutes or something like that--or work on an up-training skill with a spot)
  15. Mine always loved stationary stuff like pens, notebooks and erasers. I found it worked to buy multipacks and break them down. Also I had some good buys from online party bag stores where you could buy packs of 12 little things. Yoyos, whistles, bouncy balls, blower things, even party poppers and bubble blowing pots. Sometimes these things are fun even when you are older ;).
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  16. You're amazing. What a wonderful thing to do.

    Thinking putty is legit! My kids love it. Also fidget spinners, EOS chapstick (the egg shape really thrills them!), glitter hairspray for meets (easy to find right now at Halloween!), fun socks, gymnastics decals, if your gym does snack cards you could put in a $5 card...

    I love the coupon for a few minutes 1:1 time with the coach to work a skill but I think 10 minutes rather than 5!
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  17. All of these ideas are fun (except that I detest fidget spinners and would be so mad if my kid brought one home!). Do not underestimate the power of simple recognition, though. Last season my daughter's coaches would recognize kids who had worked especially hard or made big improvements by designating them as warm-up leaders for a couple of weeks or by letting them bring the team trophy back to the gym. If you have the time, a short personal note with a few specifics would be so incredibly meaningful. My daughter would cherish that above all other recognition and prizes.
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  18. Stuff from Claire’s or Bath and Body Works, could be gift cards.
    Beanie Boos from the dollar store. DD gift cards.

    Oriental Trading.....

    JMO as a parent, please no water bottles.....

    Ps please tell it’s not your money but petty cash from the gym funding this...
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  19. I forgot about Claire's!
    All of this is self-funded, that's why I try to keep it cheap. I pay for just about everything out of pocket except for USAG membership- special equipment, coaching education, all on me. So the prizes are definitely hard earned by the kids, not just handed out for any little accomplishment.
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  20. This. As an educator i spend anything extra with my own dimes.....but the reward is priceless.
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