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Pros & Cons of Sports Outside of School

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Mack_the_Ripper posted the following started the following thread about school vs. club sports:
I just thought maybe we could list pros and cons of gymnastics being primarily an out-of-school sport. We do not have high school gymnastics where I live, and I don't think I'd want to take time away from my team even if we did. However, there are benefits to doing sports in school as well.

It would be interesting if someone who has done high school gym posted here!

-Not having to fill out "permission to practice" and "yearly physical exam" forms
-Not ineligible for things like training with a college squad or failing a class
-Same team and coaches for longer
-Get to meet friends of different ages*
-Not excused from school for meets
-Not excused from P.E.
-Fewer peers; you make friends who you don't get to see much
One of my pros is more travel. *I love staying in hotels. *The $$$ thing is a bummer though. *What are your thoughts on school vs. club sports?
Original forum thread: *http://www.chalkbucket.com/forums/chalk-bucket/34197-pros-cons-sports-outside-school.html

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