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Nov 19, 2017
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So sad that it ends that way after all that time and effort. Hopefully she finds something she enjoys just as much.
Oh lord yes. No regrets. She has moved on to other interests and is saving her body.
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Jul 8, 2014
I have a question and y'all seem knowledgeable about the subject.. :) When everyone talks about the effects of puberty on their gymnast, is there a particular stage of it where the issues typically start? Is it usually after they start their period for example?

My daughter will be 12 next month. She's definitely started puberty (hormonal, developing on top, body hair, etc for over a year now), but hasn't started her cycle yet. She's grown quite a bit, although she was never one of the super petite ones. She's 5'0 and about 100lbs now. She's grown 3-4 inches in the past year. So far, she's done really well with the changes, but I'm wondering if it is still just early times and it will get harder. When everyone talks about puberty it's not obvious to me at which point the troubles usually start? But I noticed a lot of the people responding have older girls..
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