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Qualities Of The Clutch Player

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The following is a list of the qualities of a Clutch Player. Read these over and think about them. They are all important qualities to you in becoming a better athlete.

1...Players aspire to develop those traits that make them the best when competition is the toughest, so that they will let nothing stand in the way of attaining them.

2...A player has a team spirit and prefers team victory rather than personal glory.

3...A player likes to see the other person succeed.

4...A player keeps in good physical condition at all times.

5...A player deals honestly with coaches and teammates.

6...Players never blame anyone for their failures, accepting responsibility themselves.

7...A player strives to master all details of the game.

8...A player understands percentages, and knows that one failure does mean a succession of failures, but is only percentage at work.

9...A playe is gracious in defeat; for this reason that player is not tense in a tight spot. The player who sees defeat and victory in proper proportion is cool under fire. This is one secret of relaxation.

10..A player loves to play for the pleasure of playing an strives to overcome weaknesses.

11..A player has a well-balance outlook on life with sufficient other interests to keep a single one from becoming a stumbling block to success if that player fails in it.

12..A player cultivates kindliness, friendliness, and unselfishness.

13..Players cultivate a charitable spirit: hence, is not wrapped in self.

In conclusion, the player's attention is called to the fact that all of the above qualities can be aquired. When one recognized that 90 % or even more of success depends on mental attitude, that player will be on the way to being the chief actor at that tense moment when victory hangs in the balance. Attaining this prize goal is bought at a price; the price of desire of attainment, willingness to work long hours toward realization and confidence in the qualities set forth.

Clutch players are scarce, only because most athletes refuse to believe the clutch player possesses a combination of qualities that players could have if they were willing to work for them.


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Aug 26, 2008
You are so right. Clutch players are rare. I consider my boyfriend to be a clutch player. He says no that I'm one, but I seriously doubt that considering the situation I'm in now :D
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