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Questions for Judges

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New Member
Dec 25, 2008
The Gym
I have a few questions on deductions for judges: (or anyone else if you are sure)
What is the (L. 5-6) deduction for:
Too low of a cast on bars
Not holding a handstand on beam
Absence of a shoulder block on FHS vault
Slow run on vault
If anyone could help me out that would be great! Thanks!
-Grace :)


Apr 9, 2007
1. - up to .3 depending on amplitude
2. up to .3
3. there's way too much that goes into this question. There are usually reasons a child doesn't block on a FHS. Angle of repulsion, shoulder angle, bent arms etc etc etc. If the vault lacks any dynamics and there is no block what so ever and just falls over expect to lose up to 3 points or more.

4. there is no deduction for running slow in L5 or L6, it is a deduction for L4 only.
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