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Ragan withdrew!

Discussion in '2017 World Gymnastics Championships' started by skschlag, Oct 6, 2017.

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  1. Just saw she is out with an ankle injury
  2. I just read on FB that Ragan broke her ankle in warm-ups and withdrew! So sad...what a terrible worlds this has been!
  3. Omfg
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  4. Nooooooooo!!! What is going on with this World's??
  5. :(:eek::(:(:(

    Another vault injury! She won't be competing AA.

    I'm so sad. She has been one of my family's favorites since she was a junior. She must be devastated. I know a lot here don't care for her, but I love her gymnastics and her choreography. :D Was really rooting for her!

    Is is just me or is this too many vault injuries and slip ups to be a coincidence? Equipment problem of some sort?
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  6. We were posting at the same time! So sad! :(:(:(
  7. Hahaha 3 of us posted at the same time! ROFL!

    But I'm so sad for her. Just heartbreaking. :(
  8. Thats crazy. Did they say how it happened?
  9. Vault warm ups......
  10. Good grief. Broke it? How?!
  11. Expletive
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  12. Vault warm-ups. I read on FB it was broken but I can’t confirm that. She just left on crutches.
  13. I let several fly when I read that.....ugh! What is with this vault?
  14. Now that I’m reading more I’m not certain it’s broken
  15. I'm just gutted for her. Talk about heartbreaking.
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  16. Where are you reading it, if you dont mind....
  17. I originally read it on the crazy gym mom Facebook group, but if you look at IG Facebook, Gymternet Twitter, etc...it just says ankle injury.
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  18. Wow! That’s awful! I just saw the standings after rotation one and was wondering where she was!
  19. Cannot be that hurt, she is here on crutches, not st the hospital getting X-rays.
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  20. I merged all 3 threads.
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