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Rebecca's Mom Leos

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by tdoesgymnastics, Jan 22, 2018.

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  1. Have any of you guys dealt with this company before?I've heard really nice things about this particular company and would like to buy some new leos. I went to their website and saw that they're slightly pricier than Plum. Have you guys had good experiences with this brand and what are your general thoughts? Are the better quality than Plum? My last question is if the sizing is true to size.
  2. We’ve not had experience with Plum, but Rebecca’s Mom is my DDs favorite leo brand. She owns six of them currently and they’ve outlasted every other leo brand she’s owned- in fact, one of them is her first leo from when she started gym four years ago.. and those were growing years (12-16)! It was used when she got it too. Ha. For us the sizing has been similar to GK, if a tad bit roomier on the strap styles.
  3. My DD has two. She liked them until she outgrew them. Never an issue and always put through the washing machine. Fit like GK. DD says they had better material before the other companies. But DD loves plum and wears them regularly. Just for comparison.
  4. My DD has had a couple. One was her first “real” gymnastics leotard. DD saved it as a keepsake. It STILL looks to be in good condition some 8 or so years later - fabric just lost some sheen over the years.

    My DD likes Plum, too - especially the patterns. They run a little small and don’t wear as well as other brands, in our experience. That said, we’ll often buy them anyway as the cost is less than GK. ;)
  5. I'd say they run larger than plum, but plum runs small. I have AXS-AL leos and they all are close enough to fitting, lol. I LOVE the velvet around the straps/neckline. comfiest leos ever.

    I think i have some rebecca's mom leos that I've been wearing for seven years now, and they certainly weren't new when they were handed down to me! easily a decade of wear. I'm resewing some seams because i can't bear to part with them (and bar cables like to snag my leos). Yes, some of the sparkle has faded, but that leo has got to be at least 12 years old, worn and washed every week. Over a 600 times, washed cold, hung dry.
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  6. These used to be my dds favorites, but she says that the cut has changed in the last couple years and she doesn’t like them any more. She used to only wear these and had like 8. They wore great and lasted forever.
    Loved the velvet trim.

    She is not the only one that has noticed a change. I initially just thought her body changed and they didn’t fit as well anymore. What the girls have told me is that the armpit hole has gotten smaller and less stretchy. One mom told me her daughter ripped a hole in hers within the first couple of wears.

    The sizes are very different meaning the child large is a lot bigger than the child medium. More difference than other brands we have found. Dd spent a lot of time in between sizes with the ones she had too small but the next size up being so big she couldn’t wear them.

    Then by the time she grew into the next size they stopped fitting right.

    She likes the couple of plums that she has. We do go up a size but they are cute and we haven’t had any wear problems but she has lots of Leo’s (mom has a problem. HA!) she isn’t wearing any one multiple times a week or anything. She says very stretchy and comfy.

    Just for reference, my dd is slender with shorter waist and longer legs, broad shoulders and narrow hips.
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