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Recreational Coaching Positions in China!

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Liang Cheng

Coaching in China! Experience China like no other!

The Inspire Sports International Group( www.Inspirechina.com ) has a wonderful opportunity for you as a Gymnastic Coach in China. Inspire Sports is one of the first recreational gymnastics facilities to enter China, with gyms in Shanghai and Jiangsu province, and many more in the works! We have large, fully equipped gyms with child friendly equipment. Lessons are taught in English alongside a Chinese teaching aid.

Be part of an exciting movement bringing recreational sport to children across China!

See this link about out International team:

Experience China like no other!
International experience and cultural exchange
Opportunity to develop and implement gymnastics programming
Manage and train a team of your own

Any interested applicants please contact Liang Cheng for further details

Not open for further replies.

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