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Regional Weekend #1

Discussion in 'Men's Artistic Gymnastics (MAG)' started by skschlag, Apr 5, 2018.

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  1. Good luck to all the boys competing this weekend! Hope they have a wonderful meet.
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  2. Thanks! DS is up tomorrow am.
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  3. Good luck!!!! D is Saturday evening. I just want to be done with it all!
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  4. Hope everyone has the meet of the year!
  5. Looks like your boys did well outlast!!
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  6. DS is Saturday night. HE is ready, but probably not going to be enough. So he will go out and give it his all....and have fun :) Then the fun part of the season begins :)
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  7. Mine competes tomorrow, evening session
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  8. We're Friday midday. First level/year he's eligible for Regionals (R3), so he's excited. The bonus is that this is the last meet of the season no matter what (L6) so he's actually not particularly nervous. One bummer is that a teammate who qualified hurt his ankle at practice on Tuesday, so we don't know if he'll get to go or not. But at least DS will have 1 of his 2 really good friends in the same session this go round (he seems to keep getting split off from the main team because of his age).
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  9. My boys are Saturday - heading out tomorrow. Good luck everyone!
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  10. We go tomorrow so we get to miss school. At this point he is so bored of his routines, he can’t wait until Monday when he can go back to practicing his new skills again
  11. I hope they all do amazing!!!!
  12. Good luck to all!!
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  13. Ok meet update, please! Everybody fall in, lol...hoping someone out there made it to nationals!
  14. Lol. We did leave you hanging. One national qualifier here!
  15. THATS AWESOME!!!!!!!
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  16. L5 regional update here - late meet for a little guy (all of his sessions this year have been 8 am, this one started at 6 pm and ended around 9:30) so faded toward the end, but overall did great and had fun. He came away with a 4th on pbars and 5th on rings and high bar. He is already looking forward to training for L6!
  17. Nice job little guy!!!
  18. This is his second year qualifying, if I remember this right! Any chance of pursuing the sport in college?
  19. Level 10 region 1. Solid meet for my boy but no medals and missed nationals 6 places. On to new skills, lots of new skills.
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