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Requirements for starting a gym

Alex Gold

Verified Coach
Verified Coach
Jan 8, 2017
Hey all!

I have a unique situation where I work for a school district as both a high school and community ed coach. They just built a really nice gym, but it's barely being used (just the high school program for ~10 girls and three or four community ed classes every few months).

While this remains a mere idea more than anything, I've been thinking about trying to start a gym in that space. I'm sure I would have to pay the district some amount or percentage of the profits, which is okay (thats how the high school program does it), but in return I'd have a fully furnished gym that I could use on weekends and a lot of weeknights - which is great for someone like me who isn't able to drop everything, take out a loan, and work a new gym full-time! The district would win too since they wouldn't have any additional costs but could make some extra money off of me.

But here's my question. Outside of the obvious (space, equipment, and coaches), what other expenses does a gym startup usually face? I figure I could coach solo in the beginning, and the percent cut for the school would take care of space and equipment. I would have tons of free advertising from my comm ed work as well . . . but I'm wondering about liability insurance and/or anything I've never even considered yet.


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