RG is not a sport

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Nadia Comaneci

I guess, compared to other sports, it should be considered a sport. But it shouldn't be an olympic sport because it isn't strength centered enough. (The original olympics were meant to be strength centered.)

That being said, rythmic gymnastics is still very beautiful and creative. Now I'm starting to think of it as an art form, not a sport.

I don't know for sure. I can't decide.:rolleyes: But you can only go so far with it. There aren't any very very hard skills, compared to artistic.

Geoffrey Taucer

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It's one of those sports like golf, ice dancing, or curling which is extremely boring to anybody on the outside.

However it does have its own unique challenges for the body, and I feel that merits status as a sport, though perhaps one generally followed by a question mark.


It has apparatus and they still do a bit of tumbling. It borders that distinction between sport and art though.

When they sacrifice power for flexibility, the skillset is going to be limited especially due to the different focus during training alottment.
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