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Midget's Dad

Midget has had a few little rips here and there over the last little bit but during the meet she got a pretty good one. Of course she wears it as a badge of honor, especially after all the team girls made such a fuss over her with it. Kind of funny since this is the girl that wants a bandaid if trips over a teddy bear.

Then again ever bruise, beam burn, or blister has been no big deal, as long as it happens in the gym.

But I digress.

HC decided she should get beginner grips but since her hands are so small the gym did not have any that fit her so we got to order them. After reading through lots of threads on CB I ordered her Pixie Grips and they came in just in time for practice yesterday.

You would have thought she won the lottery with the way the whole team, big and small, made over them. And the fact that they are pink was a huge bonus.

Anyway just had to share.
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Feb 26, 2007
Aw that is just too cute, after rips, grips are the next big girls thing!

gym law mom

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Dec 23, 2006
Just keep in mind that grips will not eliminate rips---decrease maybe, but she will still get them. Also she'll have a little transition getting used to them.

Might want to check with dd's coach about competing with pink grips. I don't think I've ever seen a kid in a meet with pink grips and I know our gym its the white ones only.

BTW--Tell her congrats on handling the rip while competing! That can bother older and seasoned competitors!

Midget's Dad

Yep, we already know they wont eliminate the rips. They worked bars for most of the day yesterday and she got used to them pretty quickly it appears.

I had wondered about the competing aspect as well, apparently there is no problem with it here. They are so barely pink except for the velcro anyway that I dont think anyone would notice.

Apparently the rip happened during her dismount and she was so busy concentrating on getting her feet to the bar she didn't notice until later.


Midget must be so proud! Grips make them look so grown up! Glad to hear she got used to them so quickly!


I remember when Cait first got her grips. She was so excited. What a great story dad. I love it...

Jan 22, 2008
Congrats on the grips. They are a milestone so to speak for gymmies. DD got her's this July but she can only wear them when she is training with the Level 5 team. She has been forbiden to wear them for any Level 4 training. Hope your DD has fun breaking them in.
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