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Roundoff BH

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Aug 17, 2009
I need some major help, level 4. I technically have my RO BH, but i dont always make it, like my arms bend, and shoulders collapse. My beam dismount is iffy and my split leap is too small. How do you keep straight legs on the front hip circle, i am working to do it with straigh legs, but competing it in a tuck position, I feel like trying is hopeless, i rotate too slow, or bend them just to get around. ANy TIPS??? Please!!!


Rotate faster by dropping faster. Front Hip is scary in that regard, but you must drop as fast as possible not holding back and pike at the right time. There could be some issues in how fast you can go from straight to pike if you have tight hamstrings. If you pike with more compression, you can circle faster.

I came across the straight knee torture device by another men's coach on pommel horse. It works wonders.

Take a plastic straw and tape it on the back of the knee on both sides of the leg. You need one as stiff as possible. You can also use other things. I threaten the kids that we're gonna use nails. Each time they bend-OWW!

Using a plastic straw is nicer than a paper clip.

Your split leap is more than likely just a beam fear issue. Girls kill it because you're on a slender beam up high and splitting sucks.

L4 beam dismount. Master the side HS, master a 1/2 pirouette.
Not open for further replies.