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Rules on hair

Discussion in 'Men's Artistic Gymnastics (MAG)' started by rosiekat, Feb 1, 2018.

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  1. Anyone know where I can find these? (I did try searching, but couldn't find anything.) DS has been told that he needs a different haircut - which is fine, rules are rules - but we'd rather not make a mistake again. DH is just kind of annoyed because he just took DS to get the cut a week ago and now they have to go back, lol. (If anyone is curious, it's very short, I think mostly a 2.5 on clippers, but he has two small lines about 1" long razored above one ear - so it's not a safety issue, it's a style one.) I did not get the impression this was just the coach's personal preference, but that he was concerned about possible deductions.
  2. I flashed scores with a judge once who was very talkative. She was talking about hair on boys so I asked her specifics because my son has longish hair. She said there aren't deductions, but if it is in their eyes she will ask them to put a pony tail in it, etc, for safety reasons. She's been a judge forever so I'm guessing she was accurate (unless she just meant she doesn't give deductions). The boys on our team have all sorts of differing styles and no one has ever said anything.
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  3. Boys in our region have blue hair, green hair, mohawks, ponytails, you name it. DS always seems to have his hair just a centimeter shy of getting in his eyes.

    The haircut you described sounds cool. If the coach just doesn't like it, that seems random. I would probably say something to our coach if it were DS.
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  4. Oh yah, there's a kid with a huge Mohawk that kicks my son's butt at every meet we see him at. He's definitely not getting deductions for his hair :)
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  5. I think you are going to have to ask the coach to be specific what the issue supposedly is. Like others I have seen all kinds of hair and accoutrements at meets including boys wearing barrettes and little pig tales on top of their head to keep hair out of their eyes. If he wants you to get rid of the stripes, I do not see any option except have that part shaved or clipped so short they do not show??? I imagine the hair around it is not long enough to do some kind of gelled down comb over. Or maybe use an eyebrow pencil to fill in the stripes?
  6. I've seen plenty of variety in hair styles in MAG with no issue. It doesn't ring true to me that some lines in a short hair cut would be any kind of an issue for judges. Hmm. Could be a coach/gym rule, though. Plenty of girls teams have very specific hairstyle requirements for meets. Perhaps this gym/coach is implementing a 'standard' for boys hair in that same vein?
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  7. Thread got me curious so looked at the men's code. There are many more rules about uniform than for the women(including very detailed rules about size of log on a gym bag!) but nothing about hair. Just all those uniform rules and no jewelry is about it.
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  8. Whoa, really? Anywhere to see this info re: men's uniforms online?
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  9. Wow thanks. I had no idea it was all so complicated.
  10. My DS's first year the coach was very particular about the boys being clean cut, no crazy hair. The best compulsory gym in the state marched in with most of their boys having mohawks! At this point, our coaches never say anything about their hair. Us moms thought it was cute to see the crazy bed head on some of the boys at the morning session recently.
  11. Wow, thanks for the input, everyone. Maybe this is just the coach's preference after all. He has admitted before to being particular about things like shorts length. It's not a huge deal to us, and DS is bummed but not upset, so we'll get it taken care of. We are pretty conservative, but it doesn't bother me, and for that matter, my ex-Army dad is even fine with it, lol. But a rule is a rule. We will have to just pretty much shave the sides for now, but I can do that since the rest of it is all good (edges clean and sharp, etc.).
  12. Rules are rules- but rules also need to be communicated! The only rule we have ever heard is the one about hair not being over the eyes. Supposedly it is a 3/10ths deduction for that (according to my kids, they say this has happened at meets to some boys on our team.)
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  13. Really? I see many kids in our state who have very long hair or pony tails. I am surprised that he is being told to cut his hair....
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  14. Our coach is pretty particular about hair. Nothing crazy, long, or too out there. Fine by us, D is kind of a high and tight kiddo. SOme have struggled, but he does communicate it with us.

    I know judges in oru state have said they will take deductions if the hair is seen as a safety concern or distracting.
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  15. There aren't any written rules regarding boy's hair. A judge may say something if it's a safety concern, but I've personally never seen anyone deducted for long/mess/colorful hairstyles.
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  16. Do you want to be known as the guy with the hair - or the guy with the cool gymnastics?
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  17. I think there are some that do both. Also, some are just so unaware, they have no idea anyone notices their hair.
  18. Glad this got revived. States is coming up, and my son's coach's lips seem to be getting thinner and thinner every time he sees those luscious locks flying in the breeze as he swings and flips. I need to make an appointment today.
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  19. And of course, then there's Yul, in a class by himself! :D
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