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Hi everyone,

So im starting high school in like 2 weeks and i have no idea how im gonna balance gym with hw and all the school stuff. Im a level 9 and will be training every day for 4 to 5 hrs and i need advice please!!!
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Jan 28, 2008
I wasn't a club gymnast but for high school, i stayed in the gym for about the same time. For me when I got home, I ate and took a shower and then without doing anything else, I started my homework. As long as you do your homework every night, high school shouldn't be too bad. And occasionally add in some study time here and there. But if you are absolutely exhausted when you get home, go to sleep and wake up really early (i woke up around 5 AM) to finish your homework and such.

Once you get into a routine, everything gets easier. High school is a lot of fun so enjoy!


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Jun 20, 2009
Utah. bleh
our eighth grade is AT the high school so i guess we are in the same boat but i do a parent release so i can go to gym which starts at 1:30, that way it ends at 6 so i have time to do my hw and eat. i hope that helps!!:D


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Jan 4, 2008
It won't be too difficult. Have a look at the age of most level 9 and 10 gymnasts. Most of them are in High school and they do manage to balance their time.

If you are very busy you have a huge advantage over your peers. You have to be organized. You often find the people best at getting things done are the ones with the least time. They know they only have a limited amount of time to do things so they get it done when they can. While those with lots of time put it off and procrastinate.

Write down your schedule and look for any free spots, make these your main study times. Be creative in looking for study times. Get up early and get ready for school then spend that extra 30 minutes on homework. Study on the bus on the way to school. Use any spare periods you have well. Those long car trips too and from the gym and competitions are great times to get things done.

Try to work as hard as you can in class. The better you work in class the less homework you will have. get your work done so you don't have to complete it later, listen hard so you don't need to spend as much time studying.


Well I am Virtuall Schooled, but I'm still considered a public school student. I do It from my house on the computer and they also send you your text books. I'm level 7/8ish I go to gym 4hrs every day. And I think you can also do a half of a day at school and half a day at home. I don't know if they do it in your state. You might want to check with your countys school bord and see if they have something like that.


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Jun 24, 2008
In high school, I practiced 4 hours/day and did the standard school day. I also took 4-5 AP classes in both my junior and senior years (only 2 as a sophomore, though), so I had 3-4 hours of homework every night, as well. Fortunately, I had a block schedule, so I could do a lot of homework on the days that I didn't have practice. My district requires a study hall, so I did homework the entire time. I also did homework during lunch, when we had extra time in class, and before classes started. Basically, I did homework whenever I had any extra time-- even doing one math problem before a class started helps in the long run. I'm not sure if other gyms are okay with this, but I also did homework while stretching (we're supervised during stretching, so I wasn't slacking off or just doing HW).

Also, you might want to sit down with your coaches and discuss your goals for the future. I switched gyms my junior year to a stricter and more competitive gym. However, my parents and I were very clear from the get-go that my goal was a full ride for academics, not for gymnastics, so we hoped that they would be a little flexible if I had to miss practices or meets for school-related activities.
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Ah, the joys of a new school year! Trust me I know where you are coming from, I do 6-7 hours of gym a day plus school. So I knwo how gets super crazy and hectic very fast! You just need to focus on what your doing and make every minute last. I know how stressful it can get some nights when you have a lot of homework or a big test coming up the next day, but you need to relax because the more stressed and frustrated you get, the harder it is to accomplish school work.


Thanks guys for all your input! Its truly appriciated =) Also, my school starts 7:20am till 2:00pm, if this helps and practices are usually 4pm to 9pm or 4pm to 8pm, with me up by 5:30am every day bec my bus comes by 6:20am, keep in mind gym is 30 min away.


Aug 15, 2008
Thanks guys for all your input! Its truly appriciated =) Also, my school starts 7:20am till 2:00pm, if this helps and practices are usually 4pm to 9pm or 4pm to 8pm, with me up by 5:30am every day bec my bus comes by 6:20am, keep in mind gym is 30 min away.
we have like the same schedule! i wake up at 5:30 and get the bus at 6:30. i get outta school at 2 and home by 2:30. i live 30 min away from the gym, so i leave at 4:30 and don't get home til 9:30. and then i eat shower and go to bed to wake up early! so im stuck doing homework in 2 hours between 2:30 and 4:30 ! i know how you feel.. iit can be stressful!


Wow! gymnast695, we do have like the same schedule! Thats pretty wierd=) but its kinda cool! What level are you?? im level 9.
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