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Scoring Question?

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Aug 3, 2008
With the gymnastics starting Sunday can someone explain the scoring? Don't laugh....but it's not out of a 10 anymore? :confused:

Is this scoring used for the lower levels? Or is that still out of 10?

Geoffrey Taucer

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Jan 21, 2007
Baltimore, MD
Lower levels (for girls) are still scored out of 10 in the US.

Here's how the scoring system works:

You get two scores. The first is your execution score. You start with 10, and any execution deductions (ie form breaks, falls, etc) are taken from this score. The second is your difficulty score. There is no solid limit on this score. The harder your routine, the higher this score.

The final score is the total of these two scores.

Scout's Mom

Oct 2, 2007


That article makes this easier to understand, but with one flaw that bugs me every time I see it-the last line. A 17 is not comparable to the perfect 10, because a gymnast can score a 'perfect' 17 while having errors in her performance. Take Nastia Liukin for example. Her difficulty on bars is 7.7, so the actual perfect score for that routine would be a 17.7, while Shawn Johnson's perfect 10 on vault would actually be well under a 17.


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Feb 19, 2007
This article and diagram definitely makes it easier for me to understand as well. Thanks so much

I guess at "17" would be the "magic" number to try to shoot for???



Like I said before, the number to shoot for will vary as difficulty values get raised, barriers are broken, and limits are extended. Right now I believe Beth Tweddle of Great Britain has the highest start value on any apparatus-a 17.8 on bars, if she executes her upgrades cleanly. But I could be wrong. I have a feeling it won't be soon before we start seeing 8.0 difficulty values, which would make 18 the new 10. Especially if Nastia's hints at the 2012 Olympics turn out to be a reality. And if He Kexin keeps going too.
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