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Severs disease!

Discussion in 'UK' started by LfbUK, Feb 17, 2018.

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  1. Has anyone got any tips for severs? my daughter has it back again and is due to trial for a new gym on Tuesday! . She is on crutches and I have bought the cheetah heel support which was recommended for gymnasts but as she dosent walk from heel to toe(she lifts and puts feet flat down!) it is not really helping! Am doing the usual ice/stretching/rest but was wondering if anyone had any ideas if anything that could help her for Tuesday- it has already been rescheduled once so can't really change it again - worried new gym won' want her if she can't do her tumbling etc on the day ...
  2. Sever's is no fun, especially when there's a meet or a try out looming in the future. I think the only thing that really helps with Sever's is rest, ice, and stretching (and the end of the growth spurt of course!) I would say between now and Tuesday she should ice and stretch as much as possible, and then stay off of it. I usually won't let my daughter use pain meds like Motrin for gymnastics, if it hurts bad enough to medicate it hurts too bad to practice is our rule, but for a meet or a try out I'd have her take Motrin 30 minutes before the try out and then wish her luck. Also, if it's a good gym then they'll understand that her injury is not her fault. Let the coach know what's going on and keep your fingers crossed for a good day!
  3. Also, I forgot, my DD LOVES her X-braces. I don't know if you would have time to find a pair before Tuesday, but the X Brace has worked much better than Cheetah cuffs for my daughter's sever's.
  4. Thanks tpMom for your kind message- I had heard about the x-brace but it' not as easy to get hold of in the UK although a few places do it - may be a push for Tuesday! Will definitely look into that more, thank you
  5. If you can't get one for Tuesday try making a temporary one out of wide elastic. I would give ibuprofen before the trial as well . Do you have some videos of her skills that you can show? Just to back up what you are saying about her 'normal' level. And Severs is very common, I expect they will have other girls with it. When you talk about it , make sure you ask how they deal with it in their gym. Make sure it fits with what you follow/ know. Good Luck!
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  6. Thanks for the reply. I have had a look at foot taking tutorials so may give that a go!
    I have a few videos of her skills but not many as her gym don't let you film. Great idea though.

    Hopefully they will be undersanding and won't be thinking that they don't want to take on an injured child!!
    Thanks again
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  7. There are plenty of videos for foot taping. All about gymnastics sells x braces, My daughter thinks they are magic. Also make sure her normal shoes outside of gym have good cushioning.
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