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Should i switch gyms???

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So for the past say 7 months or so i have been dealing with a severe back problem. A bulging disk. I took time off of gym, and have come back about 2 times after taking about a month off each time. My coach is not happy about this. So i went back to gym this week and re injured it again. I dont know what to do it never gets better. My coach started yelling at me and saying that i was lying about the pain. I wasnt my parents told me that if i feel pain to tell her right away so thats what i did. She blew up at me and was basically verbally harrassing me. She said suck it up and deal with it, look at all the girls in the gym they all have pain and they don't complain. I just looked at her and said but i have a serious injury and my back still is hurting ( she didnt believe me of corse!:() . And she kicked me out of the gym bec. She thought i was making up an excuse to skip practice or something. I would never do such a thing. She is always putting every gymnast down and lowering there confidence. I personally hate her. So do my parents. She just always says your an embarrassment to this gym. Please give me some advice please???


Well I can't tell you if you should switch or not, but you should definitely consider it. When coaches aren't being helpful and don't believe you when it comes to injuries, that is bad. you and your coach have to be able to trust each other and that doesn't seem to be happening. So I'd look into it, but make sure you like your new gym better first. Also ask your parents what they think. They probably would get upset if a coach was saying you were faking an injury and trying to make you practice and you were really hurt. I know mine would.

Good luck!!


Aug 3, 2008
I can't fathom why you'd consider *staying* at that gym if your coach is that bad and you and your parents are all unhappy with her. NO ONE deserves to be told they are an embarrassment to the gym, NO ONE deserves to be belittled while training. Period. I definitely think you should switch gyms, this one just isn't a good place to be. You are hurt, you hate your coach, how long until you start to hate doing gymnastics to begin with?

I'm also sure your parents must me absolutely LIVID that you got kicked out of gym for being injured and that is THEIR money your coach is wasting. Granted it was probably best for you to stop and rest your back but that should have been *your* call or your coach's reasoning (to keep you from getting more hurt, NOT as a punishment!)



Another insane gymnastics coach. I'm shocked, I really am *sarcasm*. A lot of coaches have personal issues to deal with like being screwed up people in relation to others or themselves.

With a bulging disc, you need to be extremely careful. Best bet is to look into a physical therapist with a history of working with gymnastics or a sports chiropractor that has worked with a lot of gymnasts before. It's the kind of injury that puts kids out of the sport, especially in WAG.
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Oct 5, 2008
New Zealand
imo i would seriously consider it, but just as BlairBob Said you need to be careful with your back whatever you choose. the back is normally a pretty common injury but some back injuries never heal = [ and if you dont take care you may risk life long damage


Personally if I were you I would switch gyms, people shouldn't be like that.


well, have you been to a physio??? they usually give you a letter thingy and it says you've been looked at, they know what the problem is and they usually say what you cant and cant to or maybe just talk it easy for a few weeks and then re asses it every few weeks. if it gets worse go back to the physio and get re looked at. if your really unhappy talk to your parents, its your choice if you want to move clubs. dont worry too much about what other people say, its your life, its your choice.

good luck and hope your back recovers soon.


May 26, 2009
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
They can not tell you to keep going. That will make you only get worse. And if she going to kick you out of a practice because of that... well to me that seems like she is just irresponsible with her team.


New Member
Dec 30, 2009
Well I would first talk to my parents about the coach and if you can try a day at the other gym to see if it's better. If your coach is like that then i would not stay. it's very dangerous to your health, when you have an injury like that!!


Active Member
Jun 26, 2009
If a coach cares more about having people suck it up and make the gym look busy and exciting for other parents I'd seriously consider it. Personally, I know that it really helps when a coach is willing to back you up and help you heal as soon as possible so you can continue what you love. A coach should be there for your safety, NOT to push you to the point of serious injury. I'd also recommend seeing a physical therapist. They can help a LOT. I hope you feel better!
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