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So proud!!!

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I just have to boast a little today. It was a great day in the gym! Days like these absolutely make me LOVE my job even more than I already do. My preschool class was amazing...they actually listened today...very big deal for them:). One of my 8 yr olds & one of my teens got their RO BHS today!!!:D Another one of my teens finally got her standing tuck last week & actually did it w/o me beside her today (this is great b/c she's had a mental block w/her tumbling since October). There were many other great things that happened today....LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!!:D


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Mar 9, 2008
So glad you had a great day! It's nice to read positive post. Thanks for sharing!


Jul 21, 2008
New Zealand
Yay. i've had one of those days today. We've been working on drills to help with back hip circles for the past 3 weeks and today the kids actually tried them. I had 5 who needed a light spot (3 fingers on their lower back) just so they remembered where they were, and one who did it on her second try (and what's more she didn't pike like what normally happens when they first start). It's funny because the others didn't actually need help, but wouldn't do it without that touch. And most of them have great flight for their handstand flatback vault. This is a rec class that only practices for an hour each week, but the kids work hard.:)
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