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social group names mystery

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by wandrewsjr, Apr 26, 2018.

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  1. Most of the social group name meanings are obvious - Xcel, Healthy Eating, etc - but some have me stumped. Are the meanings/joining requirements for the social groups secret/private too?
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  2. I’ve always wondered that!
  3. Not gonna lie, I've clicked on the "Pancake Shack" just to see what happens....
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  4. Did you learn anything while in that shack?
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  5. Sometimes people just like to be mysterious :cool:
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  6. I think the pancake shack sounds awesome, but I have no idea who the members are, lol
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  7. I suppose. Not very "social" though. You Pancake and 1CJW people are talking about the rest of us right now, aren't you?! Lol
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  8. I could tell ya, but then I'd have ta kill ya.
  9. Haha!. The groups with the more enigmatic names started out as specific topic social groups, but the members got very close and decided to close the groups to new members and become simply social groups, and less groups with a theme.

    Social groups can be anything they want to be, the CB mods do not moderate "down there", we just help if they have problems, try to move things along if groups are dying etc. Some groups are closed to new members, others you just message the "mod" of the group to ask for an invitation.
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  10. And, sometimes Bog will just stop by and have a “drink” with us!
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  11. Mostly jealousy on my part. Been stuck at home for a month recovering from surgery so spending an unreasonable amount of time online. Once in a while I’d come on here to check, there’d be nothing new in the forums or groups I am a part of, so made me wonder what discussions were going on in the 3 mystery groups. I AM BORED!
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  12. Oh I love those special moments!
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  13. Hes there been a change in the settings for the social groups? Can no longer tell who the mods are for the groups to know who to message to ask to join.

  14. @JBS can you see if this has been changed please?
  15. @wandrewsjr -- Hmmmm.... maybe it's just you. They heard you were jealous of all the cool social groups. But in all truthfulness, I am still able to see one moderator (with a "join group" button for most, but not The Pancake Shack). I can no longer see a listing of group members. They are going underground!
  16. I was looking at the photography group. Can't see who the moderator is and no "join group" button. Looked at others to see if it was just that one. As you said, many have that join group button, but some do not - photography, optional parents L6/L7, optional parents L8/L9, homeschooling group, a few more.
  17. Oh! Well you're in luck. I'm a member of the Photography group. Maybe I can pull some strings ;)
  18. Didn't think the photography group would be a super secret private one! But Now that I think about it, if sharing pictures, I could understand wanting more privacy.
  19. The last thing I need right now is to be a member of another group, honestly...I am overwhelmed enough these days. This said, I would love to know what the pancake shack is about, and if it is indeed about pancakes yum yum yum...
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  20. For privacy reasons... members of social groups are no longer visible unless you are a member of the group.

    "Open" groups will have the "Join Social Group" button. If the button is not available... then the groups is closed to new requests and you must be invited by someone.

    Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 8.22.35 PM.png
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