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Sort of miss gym?

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Jul 27, 2008
South Carolina.
So my broken foot was so severe that I had to quit gym, and I was semi-happy about that, due to I was burned out.

But now, I kinda miss it. I'm not even sure. Maybe it's because I'm sitting around with nothing to do?

When I start thinking about going back, I remember all the b d days I had (Which was a lot), and then I snap out of my wanting to go back.

But I'm not sure? Have any of y'all gone through this?


Dec 4, 2008
I have . Many times. Like you think of all the fun you had competiting and stuff . But then you think of the times where you got hurt , or something. Yeah I have gone through it .. it sucks.


Jul 13, 2008
rainy washington
Trust me, I have been there. I remember I quit for a year due to an injury and was relieved having a year off. It was nice having a life :] I went back and was sooooo excited to go back, I missed it a ton. That next year was tough, first year with junior high, battling injuries, and having my first major fears. With injuries and a schedule my parents could not deal with, I was forced to drop out. I was relieved, but soon starting missing it. Now all I can remember is the good times, and how that overuled the bad times. I go to open gyms all the time, and an open gym/class every Tuesday. I love it, it gives me a lot of freedom. But if I had a choice, I would go back in a heartbeat. It was with people I loved, I was able to prioritize my life [I was actually always ahead of time on homework], and most importantly I loved it. I think I will always love it. They say you can take a gymnast out of gymnastics, but you can't take gymnastics out of a gymnast. There will be a time when everyone has to quit whether they like it or not, but the question is do you still have it in you to be able to return? Good luck, ,I know how you feel :]
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