Speedy healing faries!!

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Jan 17, 2008
As I posted in a prwevious thread, Beetle is headed to the Harley Meet in Milwaukee tomorro with DH. I am staying to watch my Middle DD Bug preform in her solo recital. Beetle competes Saturday.. Pirouette gliding fairies will be welcomed!

But - Beetle hasn't been feeling great lately, but then again who hasn't? She has the "CRUD" you know, run down, stuffy nose, headache.... It is that time of year. So we have been filling her with Fluids, Airborne, some Advil and telling her to get lots of rest. Today, she woke up feeling even worse. She went to school and when DH picked her to drive her to practice he knew something was up...

She went to practice, stretched and did 2 vaults.. she told her coach she wanted to do 3 more vaults and then go home.. he knew she was sick and was worried about her hurting herself and told her to just go home, get some rest and be ready for Saturday.

I walked into the house to find her sleeping. when she woke up I took her to the doctor..

Poor punkin has a sinus infection. She started antiboitics tonight. She should be feeling better and able to compete Saturday.. but we can take any feeling better fairies this way.

Oh, and a secondary question... anyone have any experience with "Neti Pots" Beetle tried one today and it seemed to help... I would appreciate any other tips...

Did ChalkBucket help you?... help us too.

If you can't help financially... tell a friend about us!


Haven't tried, but sure hope she feels better and has a great meet . . .
Not open for further replies.
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