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For Coaches Sq. Feet

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New Member
Jul 31, 2007
I read an article the other day and it said the largest gym in the world is 55,000 sq feet, my gosh that must be huge. I was curious how many sq. feet is your gym?

Rec Coach

Ours is a small school gym...so small! lol. But anyways, I was curious if you knew what gym that was, it'd be interesting to see pics.


Apr 9, 2007
we're at 32k

1100 rec kids + 120ish girls team + 75 mens team. Then we have the cheerleaders...there's alot of them and they are really loud :/

Honestly most days I don't feel like I have enough space.


New Member
May 13, 2008
aww i used to train at the Brown's in Houston before it was sold and changed to Stars Gymnastics (where Natasha Kelly trains)... and i know that Stars is a lot smaller than Brown's was because the other half is now some sort of discount retail store...

when it was Brown's it was HUGE! we had 5 floors, 4 vaults, too many beams to count, and i dont even know how many sets of bars... that's probably the one that was 55,000 sq. ft. cause on the website it says Stars is only like 27,000 i think and i know that's like half of what Brown's Houston was... and all the other Brown's locations aren't 55... i wish i had pictures of it to share, but i only have video :[


Cypress Academy in Texas is 85k. I think somewhere between 5 and 15 is boy's only. Tom Meadows was talking about it seems like ya need a golf cart or a good run to go from point to another.

They have a pretty serious women's program from what I hear as well.

I though Zmeskal's gym in Texas was pretty huge as there are some pretty big gyms out there. I heard of a huge on out in Minnesota as well.

Here in California, I think Technique is the biggest at 44k. 3 floors, a smaller boy's apparatus area, vault in the middle and small rec and kinder areas.

Most of the gyms I've worked at have been around 10k, give or take a bit. Any bigger than this and it becomes a chore to get from one place to another.
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