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For Parents Still looking for State score.

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gym monkeys mom

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Oct 3, 2007
So we went out of town last weekend and alas no state score yet. DD just needs to hit every event at one meet.

The out of town meet last weekend was nice but DD added her own drama to it. I guess that is common for 13 year old girls.

She started on vault and was not happy with her vault or score. UGH BTW how can a 8.95 be a bad score. IDK but in DD's eyes it was and it was not what she wanted.

Next bars where she got deducted .5 from her start vaule for her casts. This is such a bad deal some meets she get credit other she does not. I realize if she would just get her bad form out of it she would get credit. What I wonder is how they think you could get a giant over without a cast between 21-45 from verticle. Oh well she has come so far on bars. No matter what I am proud. She has done giants in all meets but the first one Yeah Monkey Girl!!! Score 8.45 this is an all time high for level 7 she failed to see this but I pointed it out to her.

Beam is where she usually rocks but not this year. She has a mind game with her series bwo bhs. A couple meets she put it together others no. This time she connected them but fell off on her BHS. She got a 8.4 with 1 fall that is fine.

Her floor is an interesting thing she never seems to be able to score over a 8.85. I think she needs to just clean up her form and leaps her tumbeling is strong. I wish the dance portion didn't seem more important than the tumbeling but I know both are important maybe we will need to scout out a dance class this summer.

Her total AA was 34.55 just short of the AA35 needed for state. I hope she can do it this meet or going into the last meet things will be a lot of pressure for her. The judging this time was almost as tough as MN usually in WI we score better but oh well it was all fair so that is good.

Thanks for all the support and we have 2 meets left and then maybe just maybe state we will see. DD has come so far this year she really deserves to go but she needs to put it altogether in one meet. I love her and am proud of her either way and she knows it. I wish state didn't seem like such a big deal. She has made so much progress this year maybe when it is all done she will see that.
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Emma's mom

Sep 9, 2008
She has done so well! Those are great scores! I know what you mean about the dancy stuff. We watched some level 7's while at Circle of Stars this past weekend. We would see a girl do some phenomal tumbling in what we felt was an awesome routine, to only get an ok score. Then a gal would come up and do a lot of fancy dancing....the minimal in tumbling and not very well, and score huge! We couldn't figure it out. We are used to watching level fives so we are not sure how they judge but what seemed to us as the better routine did not score that way! Anyhow, good luck to gym monkey! We are crossing fingers and toes that she will qualify at her next meet. She was soooo close! Good luck!


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Nov 5, 2007
So close.Those are great scores.Wish her good luck with the next 2 meets to get that qualifying score.

gym mom

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Sep 8, 2007
Good Job Gym Monkey!She is doing great very nice scores.She is so close to that qualifing score .Best of Luck to Gym Monkey this weekand I see a 35 in your future.


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Feb 26, 2007
Those certainly were scores to be proud of. Best of luck for the next meet, hoping she gets it all together.


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Mar 1, 2007
Those scores were great, she is sooo close! I am sure she will get that AA35 next time around. It's must be tough to feel that pressure to get a score, but she is just a *wink* away & congrats on the all time high on bars!


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Aug 16, 2008
Man, so close! Those are some great scores! (even if she does not agree!):)
C'mon, 35AA!!!!


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Mar 7, 2008
Region 7
Thos are great scores and your DD should be proud, but it can be so frustrating when that state score is just right out of reach. My oldest had trouble with the dance part of the routines too...
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