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Story I wrote for CA about gymnastics

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Nov 3, 2010
I wrote this for a writing test in CA. I hope you like it!

Living the Dream!

Now it was time for Senna’s turn at beam. She had been trying to work on four tumbling passes and then a double back as a dismount, but every time she tried she would always end up on her knees or back. Beth gave her some pointers on how to land it like to push really hard off the beam and go right into the double back, and to extend her legs earlier. After only two tries she landed it, she didn’t stick it, but at least she landed it.
On bars Cassie was good at everything and more! She just wanted to work on a harder dismount so Jeremy said to try a one and a half but Cassie said she could already do that and said she wanted to try double with a twist. She had never done it before, but the first time she tried she stuck it! Everyone was amazed, and all started cheering. All the coaches agreed to have Cassie be the only gymnast to have a pak salto for the first big meet in a month, and the only one with a double with a twist for the dismount. Cassie was so excited, she couldn’t believe it!!!

Weeks went by of just normal training. Everyone learned new tricks and started choreographing their routines piece by piece. Ana got her full on floor, and her aerial walkover on beam. Hannah got her double front on floor, a double full in for her dismount off bars and her front pike on beam. Katie got a new dismount which was a Half in, half out and a back walkover to rufolva on beam. Kaelin and Sarah both got their 1 ½ yurchenko on vault and Sarah got her McCool mount on beam. Kylie got her Tkatchev on bars and a new leap series on beam. Hailey got her double pike to cartwheel layout on floor. Maggie and Natalie both got their Geinger release on bars and round off twist onto vault. Julia and Maddie both got a Garrison on floor. Cassie kept on training her new vault and worked her arabian on beam. Senna worked her switch leap to back tuck on beam and a full jump turn to shushunova on floor.
The day finally came when National Committee came for the try out’s for the National Team. Three people from all the other elite gyms made it, so potentially three people from Sapphire could make it too! However, there are three alternates so six people from Sapphire could make the team. Everyone was nervous and all were hoping they’d make the team. Cassie and Senna were very nervous. They knew that more than likely only one of them would make the team. They had hoped though that they’d both make the team!
The National Committee called all the girls over to wish them luck and to start the tryouts. The first event was beam, and Katie was up first. She landed all her skills and landed her dismount. Then came Kaelin, Ana, Sarah, Kylie, Hailey, Maggie, Hannah, Natalie and then Julia. All of them did well, no one fell, and no one fumbled their dismounts. It was good! Cassie was next. Her heart was pounding and had butterflies in her stomach. Cassie knew she needed to stick her dismount! She totally stuck her landing; her routine was flawless! She didn’t even have one balance check! Cassie was ecstatic. She thought she might actually have a chance at making the National Team!!
Maddie was up and her routine was spot on, up until her front tuck. She did everything perfect up until the landing of her front tuck. In the air her legs had some how straddled apart, and wham, she split the beam! She got back up and continued her routine. Her dismount was the best she’d ever done! It was just really unlucky that she split the beam, because if she didn’t she would’ve gotten almost a perfect score! As she walked over all the girls kept telling her how good everything was and that she still has a chance at the National Team. She said thanks but then started crying. She had split the beam so hard her thigh was bleeding and already had a bruise! She got some ice and sat on the side.
Meanwhile, Senna was doing her routine. She had changed one of her passes to a back handspring back handspring back tuck to rufolva. She did that pass better than before! Her dismount wasn’t the best though, she misjudged the time of the landing and under rotated and took two big steps. After the committee decided Senna’s score, they let everyone know who was ahead. Cassie was in first, second was Katie, and third was Kylie.

First up on floor was Cassie, and she rocked that floor! It was probably her best routine she’d ever done! Shockingly, no one went out of bounds, but some did fall. Katie had the worst fall. It was near the beginning of her routine and it just took her flair right out of her routine. Senna did the best out of everyone! She had one of the hardest routines, behind Cassie. After the scores were out the standings were; Senna, Maddie, Kylie and then Cassie. Cassie knew she needed to rock bars; otherwise she wouldn’t be on the National Team.
All the girls, except for Cassie, had easy routines. Katie and Kylie had the hardest release which was a Tkatchev. Kylie’s score was a 9.875 and Katie’s was a 9.655. Kylie’s score was the highest score of the day! Cassie’s pak salto was flawless; she flew like a beautiful bird. Luckily no one fell on their dismounts, but Kaelin did fall on her release over the high bar. Besides that every one did great!

The girls all nodded their heads, and started walking to their lockers to get their things. Cassie went to the bathroom, and Senna just thought that she just had to go to the bathroom, but she didn’t. Maggie went in to check her hair because she had to go to her friends’ party, and as she walked in she heard someone crying their eyes out.

The next morning they had to wake up at 5:00 in the morning to leave and go to the stadium. Cassie wasn’t allowed to practice with them so she stayed and explored the city. She saw the Sagrada Familia, and a lot of other historical buildings. She loved Spain; she thought it was the prettiest city she’d ever seen!!! As she was walking around with Danielle, she got a call.

They got to the stadium and she ran in and started training. Cassie ran over to Senna and gave her a big hug. Then they got to training. The day ended and they went back to the hotel. Room service delivered dinner and then after that they all went to bed.
It was 6:45 in the morning and they had to leave for the stadium. They arrived and the competition was about ready to start. The US started at bars; everyone for the US did great! Cassie got the highest score and then it was Nastia. In first place was Geing Cho. Vault was next; Cassie had the hardest one out of all the countries there! Cassie did very well, Senna did amazing! Kylie got the best score, she got a 9.785. The US was first for team standing, but Geing Cho still had the lead for All Around.
Beam was next and luckily Senna and Shawn shine on beam! No one could believe what happened next! Senna got a 9.975 and Shawn got a perfect 10.0! After that in first place in All Around was Senna! All Senna needs to do is do good on floor! Cassie stuck three of her passes and had great lines and extensions on everything! Senna did amazing as well, but so did Kylie, Maddie, Shawn, and Nastia. “Congratulations to all of you wonderful gymnasts! You all did fantastic, but of course there can only be one winner in the All Around and that girl is……
By the way I'm sorry its SOOOOOO long!


Dec 9, 2010
awww . . . it was soooo good until there was no winner , I think the two sisters should tie for first
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