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Switching from tumbling to xcel


Oct 26, 2020
So for the past two years I've done tramp and tumbling. I did recreational gymnastics for a year before I switched to T&T and now I want to switch to the xcel team at my gym. I not sure how hard it would be to switch to only tumbling to now doing vault, beam and bars too. Also I'm not sure what level of xcel I would be in. On floor I can do a punch front, front handspring, round off two back handsprings and a round off tuck. Before I switched I could do a handstand on beam and a side handstand and roundoff dismount. (I was working on cartwheels) On bars I could do a squat on and jump to high bar but not a kip or a flyaway. On vault I could do a front handspring vault with a spot. Also I am 14 and I have been doing gymnastics for a total of 3 years now.

Mrs. Puma

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Sep 23, 2014
Syracuse, NY
I’m sorry, you have to be 16 to join CB. I would think they’d start you XS, working toward XG. Talk to your coaches and come back when here you’re 16. Good luck to you.
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