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Tattoo/art question

Discussion in 'Trampoline & Tumbling (TRA)' started by MILgymFAM, Feb 28, 2017.

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  1. My ODD does mandalas and has been practicing henna tattooing recently. She has a big tattoo on her thigh right now, and a completion this weekend. Her coach says he's not sure if it's a deduction. She is zen about it because she isn't in danger of winning, but she is curious. Is there a deduction for tattoos or no?
  2. IMG_1876.PNG

    It's very large and won't go unnoticed.
  3. I was judging once, and a gymnast had a visible tattoo on her back, and she was given a warning by the other judge on floor. I think tattoos have to be covered. I don't know about drawing on yourself though, since it's not an actual permanent tattoo.
  4. So is it actually in the T&T code of points? I googled and couldn't find anything. It's gonna last about three weeks, and is too big to cover with makeup and too awkward to cover with athletic tape.
  5. Could she wear opaque skin coloured tights?
  6. I'm not sure if that's allowed, but it shows very clearly through her ballet tights anyway.
  7. I'm not really planning to cover it, she's just wondering what the code actually says and what kind of deduction (if any) she is looking at per event or judge.
  8. I go with the exact same tatto on the other thigh for proper feng shui.
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  9. Lol! That took an hour to draw and three hours to dry- ain't nobody got time for that this week!
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  10. IMG_1877.jpg I found this. If it's not mentioned in the dress code, does that mean it's not a deduction? Her leo is red so red tights are 100% not happening. Ha!
  11. I've got time. Taking a rare long vacation right now.
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  12. My ODDs schedule definitely rivals most adults I know. She is overbooked to the max- she did the originals (I am sporting two new foot tattoos as well) when she had a rare break because her coach was out of town. She would be envious of your vacation!
  13. We're sitting outside with wine and shrimp watching our daughter do her floor routine on the lawn outside the cottage we are staying at. It's heaven on Earth.
  14. I hate you. Ha ha ha ha ha!
  15. Okay, now I am not in the US, so the rules may be slightly different there, but I am a judge and am familiar with the rules in Canada, as well as internationally.
    Here, tattoos are not a deduction.
    Which is good, because I have 4, all of which are visible in my comp leo, one that goes across my upper back and one that covers the back of my calf.
    There might be a difference because it is drawn? But I would think it would be the same.

    Not much is actually against the code. In Canada it is just no contrasting tape, no jewellery, no underwear showing, and the rules about leo and mens shorts coverage (and longs colour)

    And if it is a deduction, it is only 0.2 per routine (according to the fig rules) so I wouldn't worry much about it. Canada has a rule that it is 0.2/occurrence, but that should just be a Canadian thing.
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  16. It would be an outrage if tattoos were a reduction in score! I suppose you could cover it, but its a personal choice and has no impact on physical performance.
  17. Even though it may not be a deduction I would talk to the coaches as the gym may have their own rules about it. I know my gym would not allow it.
  18. This is a pretty old thread. She competed without incident and her gym has no rules at all about that sort of thing.
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