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Thank You...Let's Hit 1000 Members!

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This message board was started back in Sept. of 2005 as an extra little part of LeotardCrazy.com. I really had no idea how much time it would take to get the site to this point. I thought, "Hey...I'll just put it here and people will talk." Ha ha...didn't work out that way. The Chalk Bucket sat there (as a part of Leotard Crazy) for 12 months. Activity was very limited......

Then I logged in and started looking around one day...there were people talking. I really didn't do anything but put this place on the net. You guys showed me that you cared...you guys continue to make this place great.


As a result...we are getting noticed! It's Feb. 23rd...let's hit 1000 members by the end of 2007. More great discussions...more networking...more learning. We currently have over 200 members...if each of us told just two of our friends....we would have 600...if each of them told 2 of their friends...we'd be over 1000. Let's do it! Let's connect gymnastics! Let's hit 1000 members by the end of the year!:D
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Sep 3, 2005
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