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The flame is out

Discussion in '2016 Rio Olympics' started by sce, Aug 22, 2016.

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  1. Sigh, the flame is out the games are closed. I love the Olympics, I will miss them until next time.

    I will be happy to get more sleep though. ;) Those late nights were killing me and my family.
  2. I know! While sitting next to my non-gymmie DD last night who is June '05 the thought crossed my mind that a kid only 6 months older than her could compete in Tokyo! Time flies....
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  3. Interestingly here, the para-olympics are a really big deal, loads of airtime, lots of GB athletes and there is a huge whoo ha in the press about them being cut. Such a shame - the funding was there 2 weeks ago and now its not?

    We have great coverage of them normally, and I would recommend anyone who can get it watches the "The Last Leg" team, fantastic.
  4. They definitely show very little here. I will watch what I can though.

    It's not clear the funding was ever there. From what I understand, the Olympics are supposed to make enough money to fund Paralympics. Ticket sales for both have not been great, thus the lack of funding. Crazy really, it's usually difficult to get tickets to many Olympic events but these did not sell out.
  5. I'm a physical therapist, so naturally I looooove the special Olympics. I am so disappointed that they do not get more coverage here...I had no idea they were cut this year...as in, there are no special Olympics at all this year?!?!
  6. no, they are still there, but they are reducing the programme of events to lower the cost
  7. Also Paralympics and Special Olympics are different. Paralympics involves athletes with physical disabilities, Special Olympics specifically requires athletes to have cognitive disabilities.
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  8. Oh goodness gracious. I know the difference and have no idea why I said special instead of para brain fart! I'll blame it on first day of school nerves!!
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  9. Gotcha. Well dadgum. I'm sure we can find some videos on YouTube at least!
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