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The Gymnastics skating spectacular thingy.

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Jul 27, 2008
South Carolina.
I know this is late, but whatevs, haha!

Shawns Floor costume = Ugly. lol, what was with the feathers on the bottom?

Nastia being carried everywhere by skaters was uber-cute.
And she's gained a little bit of weight and doesn't look bone thin anymore. She looks realllly good.

Samantha & Alicia's floor routine was adorable.

And. I guess that was all I watched because I got bored with the skating. Haha, Sorry.


Dec 16, 2007
Ontario, Canada
haha totally agree with everything you said. Shawn's costume choices were very...interesting..lol Every time i see her perform now it seems like she's wearing a two piece...or is it just me? I love Shawn though and would never saying anything bad about her, who knows, maybe she didnt even pick her costumes. Putting the costume asside though, her performance was really good.

Overall, i thought the entire show was great, it was really good to finally see everyone on TV again after the olympics.

and this is a little off topc but i really loved how shawn was the only one who actually performed a hard skill like double pike on tour so cootos to her. Or one of the only ones anyways...it's kinda hard to tell when your only chanve to watch it is on youtube;)


Active Member
Sep 9, 2007
The costumes were a bit dodgy.... nuff said, I don't think they pick them themselves!

I loved all the routines, they all looked so much fun!
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