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The I Am New Thread

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Proud Parent
Former Gymnast
Jun 20, 2018
"introducing myself" My name is Carissa and I am gymnastic lifer ;) I have been in the sport since I was 5 years old. Had some of the most amazing coaches Dwan from Singularity gymnastics in Springfield, Mo helped me reach level 10. Plus Debbie from Missouri Valley and Darrel from Springfield Gymnastics Center, hugs! Thank you Dwan and the amazing teachers along the way there are so many of you.
Because of his downright super-humanness I went back after having children of my own and became a coach, because lets face it one never truly goes away from this sport! :) Having the pleasure to grow up in one of the best (biased do apply) gymnastic communities ever and feel so blessed because of this!

Boom, https://www.singularitygymnastics.com/
I coach and am qualified to teach pre-k through elite. I love teaching! we are constantly expanding our minds and learning/ improving on new innovated ways to become better gymnast and coaches.
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Not open for further replies.