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For Parents The Lazy Days of Summer!

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Nov 9, 2007
I Haven't posted in a while, but we have really been enjoying the summer. All practices are daytime, and for once DD1's and DD2's activities aren't in conflict. Summer practices are going great, and all three of us took a week to go to Girl Scout Daycamp.

Softball is now over and that's fine with all of us, it's nice having family dinners and time to play outside. There is still basketball practice two nights a week, but compared to our schedule during school, this is a dream. Ihope everyone is having a great summer!!!:D

How is everyone elses summer going? No big vacations for us this year. I hope you are all having a great summer!


We are totally loving summer - I love not having the rush every morning to get everyone out of the house at 6:45. Our gym schedule is kinda crazy - but my other 2 are off for the summer with their stuff so it works out ok.

DD's gym was closed last week and she is definitely going through withdrawal. The other day I was out with friends and apparently she was doing back tucks on my in-laws front lawn. I'm so glad she goes back tomorrow!!! It was really nice having a week off though.

Hope everyone else is enjoying their summer as well :D


Feb 4, 2008
Region IV
Well, dd1's schedule is worse than it was when she was in gym, and one of her activities has a 6:00 am start time! I was managing ok, though, because dd2 didn't have many places to go.

Since dd2 starts back at the gym tomorrow, here's what my day looks like - take dd1 to dance at 6, go work out myself, pick dd1 up at 7:30, go home and grab dd2 and cross country stuff, drop dd1 at cross country, take dd2 to gym (across town - about 20 minutes), by the time I'm back on this side of town, dd1 should be almost done with cross country (can squeeze in an errand). Little break to get early lunch ready and then take dd1 to driver's ed. Go get dd2. Little bit bigger break. Take dd2 to piano. While she's there, go get dd1 from driver's ed for her piano lesson. Go home and get supper ready. Then off to dd2's softball game.

I must be insane. I can only do this because I don't work in the summer. And thank goodness we only have to go through driver's ed once with each kid (at least I hope only once!).

Dd2's month off from gym was just heaven. However, I've got to admit, she probably felt like she was living in a dd1 centered world. She was getting kind of bored, too.

We are taking a big vacation this year--booked it when both girls announced their intentions to leave gym. Now dd2 is going back. Can we say tight budget this year? Anywhoo . . .

Who knows what August will bring, besides marching band camp for dd1 and a return to school for all the family's gals. Dd2 is only at the gym month by month right now. Once her other activities come back in (confirmation, jazz band, math bee), she might decide retirement was the right decision. She is a kid who enjoys her down time. Dd1 might conclude her poor, banged up gymnast's knees can't take cross country. Course, that kid likes to be busy, so she'd probably just add something else!

Can't call my summer lazy, but we sure are learning and growing. Dd1 never knew a life without gym could keep her as busy as she liked. I suspect, by summer's end, dd2 will learn what it is she wants to pursue.
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