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For Coaches TheGymPress - May 2008 Vol2 Is 2 is out now

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Nov 12, 2007
Hi everyone

After much delay, the new issue of TheGymPress is finally here. Hopefully it was worth the wait.

CONTENT of May 2008 Issue
Page 1 Recent News
Page 1-2 How to teach a Freehip Circle to Handstand. By Lukas Stritt.
Page 2-6 The Front Somersault: Technical Breakdown and Training. By Valentin Uzunov
Page 6-9 Preparation for Handspring Vault. By Warren Milburn
Page 9 The Iron Cross Challenge
Page 9 Acknowledgments

You can download this and past issues from the Available Issues panel at The Gym Press
Or directly view and download the latest issue by CLICKING HERE
Not open for further replies.