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For Parents This is DD's not serious video. Tried out video editing skills. LOL

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Jan 27, 2009
myrtle beach
Bailey felt she did so badly at Charleston Cup that she wouldn't let me make my usual video. Didn't want all of that tireless videoing going to waste so I tried all of those fun effects in the video editing software that I have always wanted to try. Don't be too hard on me. I have never made one of these before. Hope you get a good laugh. By the way, Bailey only placed in one event- 11th place with a 9.3. Really awesome gymnasts at this meet. Great fun to watch.

YouTube - Charleston Cup Gymnastics-Level 7-Bailey Brown


Proud Parent
Oct 13, 2008
North Las Vegas, NV
That was cute. It looks like you had fun with your software. =) and sometimes it's kind of nice just to watch the highlights. I think she looks amazing!


Active Member
Jan 17, 2008
Fun Video! What a great way to make positive out of a maybe not so positive situation (Even though I think She still looks Great!!!)
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