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This is HALLOWEEN..........

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Feb 26, 2007
So all you little ghouls and goblinds stay safe out there tonight. Watch for cars when crossing the roads please!!!!!

My kids are so excited they could pop. They are halloween lovers, I am too British for this stuff. My zombie of a 16 year old is covered in blood and middle bog baby is dressed as chees "Mum it's a concept, don't you get it?" ( I just said uum.....)

Hope you all have a great day however you celebrate. Brush the teeth well and most of all have fun.


My kids love Halloween too. My oldest is a big whoopee cushion, my other dd is the grim reaper (what ever happened to sweet little princess costumes) and my ds is some scary skeleton dude. I've always loved Halloween too - I love seeing all the kids dressed up. I'm not a fan of when the older kids go out and try and cause trouble though:cool:


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Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
My kids love Halloween too !!

DD was going to be a cat. Then she was going to be a witch (see her picture in gallery from last weekends Halloween party). Then she was going to be a mouse. Last night she decided she wants to be a magician. This morning she req. that I wrap her in TP so she can be a Zombie because now she wants to be scary. I think I have talked her into wearing her black masked red glowing eye costume that we bought last year and then at the last minute she decided to be a witch so she wore the body part of it with a witch hat. I am currently charging batteries for the glowing eyes.

My DS has decided to be an Army Zombie - camo clothes, Nerf gun and a white face w/ blood. Thankfully he has not changed his mind 6 million times !!


Have a fun halloween coming from our family!

DD1- is being a football player. Every year she was something so girly. It just surprises me LOL.

DD2- is being a gymnast:) It was nice that I didn't have to buy a 4th costume this year.

DD3- A fairy princess.:p

DD4- A pumpkin- she looks pretty darn cute in her pumpkin hat:D

All of my kids go on a major sugar rush the night of halloween then crash the next day. It will be a challenge to wake them up for gym tomorrow:cool:
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