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Thoughts on first day of women's qualification

Discussion in '2017 World Gymnastics Championships' started by wandrewsjr, Oct 3, 2017.

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  1. Would love to hear everyone's thoughts after day one, especially those of you that were there and might have seen some things us watching the feed didn't get to see! Here's mine:

    Great bar set from Fenton and Fragapane makes fx look easy.
    Solid performance by Ellie Black, as usual.
    Some good stuff from the Belgian's, want to route for them but those floor routines...eek.
    Moors floor is GEORGOUS. What a standout.
    Paseka in a class by herself on vault so far, though Olsen looking solid too.
    Young Melnikova looking composed and solid, should give the AA a run.
    Another GEORGEOUS for the Russians on UB.
    Still with the Pirates music!?
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  2. Yowch on the scores - very very low on beam and floor compared to vault and bars, in my view, which is going to skew the competition in favour of gymnasts talented on the latter two apparatus. Hmph.

    Disappointed for Melnikova on floor, though apparently she was hampered by injury. She made a good recovery.

    Maria Paseka's vault form is...unique. I hope Carey wins over her, now that Andrade's out ( :( ).

    Brooklyn Moors is an angel among men. What a beautiful floor routine, and with a Podkopayeva to boot!

    Ellie Black's gymnastics doesn't do much for me, I'm afraid, so I'd like to see somebody else win. Preferably not Ragan Smith. Melnikova would have challenged, without the falls, and Eremina could possibly as well. For sentimental reasons, I would be overjoyed to see Iordache win, given the alternatives. I'd also be very pleased with Hurd.

    We won't talk about Australia. *Breathes deeply*

    Russians and Canadians both look strong, bar a few issues from both.

    I hope the judges are just as strict tomorrow. If they throw the Americans 8s and 9s, after they gave hit routines today 7s, I will scream.
  3. The two Venezuelan girls in session 1…

    Oh… my…

    GOD. :eek: :eek: :eek:

    Very scary and upsetting for me to watch.
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  4. Yes, the bar routine is particularly terrifying. I believe it had a 1.4 E-score, and deservedly so.
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  5. What are their names? I'm really curious now...
  6. It’s very interesting watching other subdivisions and seeing gymnasts perform skills (often poorly) at World’s that we see at L9 & L10 meets. That’s not meant as an insult, just an observation as to the huge gap in numbers/participation/level of competition across countries. Having access to equipment and quality coaching is very difficult for many.

    That being said, holy moly. Who made the beam judges mad? Eeks! Hopefully they’re in a better mood today.

    Agree with @azara on Paseka’s vault form. I can’t with her legs. Hoping Carey hits her two vaults today.

    Bars is highly competitive again this time with several girls bringing big routines. Should be interesting to see who makes finals.
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  7. 47:00-53:00

    The two gymnasts are Pamela Arriojas and Milca León.

    As @Seeker said, they might not have access to good coaching and equipment. In my opinion their bar routines did not only look sloppy, but rather dangerous. As a coach I would never let any gymnast perform their skills like that. Don't get me wrong, I do not want to insult or blame anyone. I just do not feel this is safe and would not risk the gymnasts health.
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  8. There was some seriously scary gymnastics yesterday, highlights as pointed out in the first post. But otherwise was like a bad optional meet.

    I get the world needing to compete, but maybe they need to have some parameters to compete, or separate categories.
  9. Am also curios to see how beam goes today. I don't know that I'd say anyone capable of scoring well actually hit the first day, like say the Russians did on UB. With Ned, China and Rom still to go don't think we have the full picture yet.
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  10. I wonder if the beam judges were hanging out with the men's high bar judges before the meet? I have this mental image of them all huddled together around the pencil sharpener, getting ready.
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  11. :D:D:D
  12. This has been a strange world championship. I hope Ragan medals on something, but I just have a feeling things won't go her way on an event. Also crossing fingers/knocking on wood for Jade and Morgan. Love Ashton, but I don't think this is her year with the nagging injuries.
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  13. @Zayna How did you watch that though, did you use Proxy?
  14. :eek: The second athlete :eek:

    The first woman (at 47:00 in) seemed OK in terms of her control. A basic routine for this level of competition, but didn't seem unsafe or anything.

    But the second woman (right after her), oh dear, that was worse that I expected - as in, I completely agree that was NOT SAFE to execute by any stretch of the imagination. And I noted she was not wearing grips - quite unusual, and did not seem to help her cause. Brave athlete, but highly questionable coach for putting her in that situation.
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  15. I used Tunnel Bear, think it is a VPN but don't know how it works.
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  16. Paseka's vaults hurt my eyes o_O

    [​IMG] upload_2017-10-4_8-20-57.png
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  17. Holy crap.
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  18. Any other way to watch it? Of course USAG had to not make it available here
  19. I’m with Sasha...if that wins gold it’s a travesty!
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