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Time to Rally MAG fans!!

Discussion in 'Men's Artistic Gymnastics (MAG)' started by skschlag, Aug 31, 2018.

  1. This just came out today:

    The UIC Gymnastics Team and coaching staff were informed this morning that 2018-2019 would be our final season. We now have two goals: continue to train like champions and have this decision reversed. If you would like to voice your concerns to the UIC administration here is that information: The UIC Athletic Director's name is Garrett Klassy. His e-mail is gklassy@uic.edu. His office number is: 312-996-2695.

    You can also contact the UIC Chancellor, Michael Amiridis. His e-mail is chancellor@uic.edu and his office number is 312-413-3350.

    I would also ask that you contact your mainstream and alternative news media so that this unfortunate decision is shared beyond the gymnastics community.

    Charley Nelson
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  2. Noooooooo!
  3. Nothing is being done on the men's side to help this cause. You'd figure it would be something easy enough (possibly time consuming, but probably easy) that at least USAG could do with promotion instead of doing the best they could to try to please the WAG masses and softened the whole Nassar debacle, which deserves the attention, don't get me wrong, but it's like a teacher focusing on a single student and neglecting the rest. Unfortunately, there's just not enough of us for it be a small blip on the radar for most sport fans in general, unless the athletes start getting paid under the table or take a knee during the anthem to get the attention. The recent New York Times article definitely didn't help. Even with that, was there any prominent MAG or USAG person that pissed a fit about it besides Mark Williams? When will it be Kerry Perry's turn to release a statement for the men for once?
  4. It is not just the men's team, although the impact is much greater for the male UIC gymnasts (who have far fewer options) and for college MAG in general of course. Heartbreaking.
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  5. My ds has already written one email, and is planning his 2nd for today. Love that he did it all on his own. I think he has emailed the AD. I will b writing as well....
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  6. Mike Burns (head coach of MN) has spoken out. So has Jake Dalton. Other stuff may be going on behind the scenes that we don't know about.

    It would be nice if USAG did something, but as it's currently in meltdown, probably it's not going to happen. Kerry Perry will probably never issue a statement on this because she's going to be gone soon.

    Sure, UIC being cut is just a small blip on the radar to most sports fans. What happens to it (and the future of intercollegiate men's gymnastics in the United States) is just going to up to those who do care.
  7. THey area closing both programs with a vague reason of resources. The coaches were blindsided HEre is more info that might help letter writing:


    ATTENTION: Help make the loss of UIC Gymnastics more than just a gymnastics story, make it a local...a NATIONAL news story! Here are ways to contact Chicago’s news outlets. Get people talking about the fact that NCAA Gymnastics is losing programs left & right! Try and get these outlets part of the conversation.
    NBC: 800-CH5-NEWS
    FOX: 312-565-5533
    ABC: 312-750-7070
    CBS: CBSChicago@cbs.com
    WGN TV: info@WGNTV.com
    WGN radio: 312-981-7200

    It takes 3 minutes...Call and write these and/or any other news outlets, no matter how big or small, in order to get our story out!! Your voice is loud! Thank you. SAVE NCAA GYMNASTICS PROGRAMS NOW
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  8. More info:

    #Repost @bburnsgym with @get_repost
    The University of Illinois at Chicago has announced that it will be cutting both the men’s and women’s gymnastics teams at the conclusion of the 2018-2019 season. The UIC men’s gymnastics team has won TWO NCAA championships in its history (the only program in UIC history to do so), they take up 0.25% of the athletic departments budget, and they just hosted one of the most highly attended NCAA championships of the past two decades. Nobody on that team is on a scholarship. Every single person on that team has dedicated the majority of their lives to this sport.
    UIC has decided to cut both the men’s AND women’s team - this is not a Title IX issue. Their budget is practically nonexistent already - this is not a financial issue. This is a priorities issue amongst the decision makers at UIC.
    This is a sport that has changed thousands of lives for the better. This is an opportunity these men and women have made huge sacrifices for. For many, this was “the dream”. I have never dropped an ounce of negativity on this page, but let me be clear: This decision is absolutely disgraceful, heart-breaking to many, and completely unwarranted. There are 16 remaining men’s gymnastics teams in the NCAA. Stop killing our sport for no reason.
    @uicmgym and @uic_wgymnastics, know that you have the support of an entire community behind you. Show them how hard you’re willing to fight to stick around. Make your voices heard - call, email, show up at somebody’s office if you have to. We’ll all be fighting with ya. [​IMG][​IMG]#saveUICgym #UIC#gymnastics
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