Tips for Studying For Exams?

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Sep 9, 2007
I'm no good at studying... and I have exams for the next three weeks. :(:eek::mad::confused:.
My actual problem is I can't absorb any of the notes. I think, I'm going to go study now but I just sit and stare at the books for an hour.
Any good tips?
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I know it's a little too late, but you really should review the material every day. Besides that, you have to know your learning type.

Visual Learners: learn best from pictures, examples, graphs etc. Study best by making symbols to help them remember facts.

Audio Learners: learn best from lectures, conversation. Study best by saying things out loud.

Kinetic Learners: learn by DOING. Study best by re-writing things out, or even exercising while studying(stationary bike/treadmill, etc.)
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