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Okay, I'm posting in the parent section so the "mom" in me must crow...

My MoJo gymmie just won the first meet of the season here in Wyoming. L4 (and up an age group from last year) to 9-10yr olds. YEAH! Better scores than last year and much improved, but it is her 2nd year as a L4 so I would have expected as such. Didn't get those kips to move to L5.

Vlt: 9.15 2nd
Brs: 9.30 2nd
Bm: 8.90 1st
Flr: 8.30 8th :mad:
AA: 35.65 1st

As mom I'm happy for her, as coach, I'll leave those frustrations to post on the coach's forum.

My L3 Team Placed 3rd
L4 Team Placed 1st!!! and pretty well stomped our closest team.. FINALLY.
L5 1st, but hmmmm we were the only team competing a full squad. Didn't see that coming, and if that is the case all year it will make for an interesting state meet.
L6... let's not talk about them but say I'm proud of keeping a good attitude althought there was some improvement from last year!

So a good but exhausting day. Look for my vent in the coach's forum. Proud mom... frustrated coach (at times).
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Feb 26, 2007
Great job for MoJo, the position says more than the scores. 1st AA is huge no matter what the scores to me. Those kips can be so irritating, my DD will be repeating for the same reason.

It is not easy to be a Mom and coach all on the same day.


Congrats to Mojo! Sounds like she's going to rock Level 4! Sounds like all your teams had a great day. Enjoy your success!


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Sep 25, 2007
Looks like she did very well. 1st AA is very impressive. Yay for her!!! :)
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