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Too Old?

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I am 13yrs. and I tried gymnastics when I was 10... err.... well it didn't go so hot. lol! I can't even do a cartwheel!! I have lots of lower body strength from playing soccer and other lower-body sports but not a whole lot of upper-body strength!!

Do you have any tips on what things I could work on even before I go take a class?


Handstand hold for time on wall, go easy, no reason to do to much and hurt your wrists.

Lunge walks. A lunge is a basic position in tumbling, so you might as well get used to them. Lunge and kick from the bottom.

Lay on your back and do leg lifts. Either pull your knees towards your chest or toes towards your noes.

Pushups and pullups.

Practice a bridge. Start stretching your shoulders out by doing these:

YouTube - Tempe Arizona Fitness Training - Upper Body Warm-up

Stretching and Flexibility pick some after a brisk warmup and start by doing them for 15, then 30, then 45 seconds.

pike, straddle, knee lunge, kneeling pike, cat stretch, lower back safety stretch
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