TOPS Testing????

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Hi Everyone, I am new to chalkbucket.
My daughter did TOPS testing 2 times this year and I wanted to ask if anyone has any remarks on how she may have done based on her scores: I would really appriciate any comments.
She is 8 testing as a 9 year old

Test 1- Test 2-
Splits 15/15_____________splits 14.5/14
shoulder 5_____________shoulder 5
leg lifts 20______________ leg lifts 20
cast hnd stand 9 _________cast hndstand 4
press hnd stand 8 __________press handstands 6.5
rope 11.5 sec.______________ rope 14 sec
vj 14.5 ___________________vj 14.5
sprint 3.59 _______________sprint 3.29
handstand hold 30 sec. _____handstand hold 30 sec.
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I'm Sorry I have no idea!! But I thought they were pretty good, even though I do not know how to read the scores. lol


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Jul 30, 2009
wow, sounds like she did great! see, my gym doesnt give us our daughters stats immediately. i wish they did. there was another post on here where a guy was explaining how to read the scores. look for a recent post on this site about tops and a brag alert. i think his name was iggy1988. this might help u.....but it sounds like she did good and should make it to the testing in september...


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Jul 12, 2007
1st test was around 70, 2nd test around 62... I would say she most likely made it to Nats. :D Wishing your dd lots of luck!
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