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Tour of Champions gym visits

Discussion in '2016 Rio Olympics' started by GymMom4, Sep 12, 2016.

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  1. Are any of you having a visit from one of the gymnasts at your local gym?

    We get Jordyn Wieber and are so excited!
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  2. Wow, I had no idea that was even a thing! How cool!
  3. If your gym is the Gold level sponsor of the tour in your area you get to have a visitor. Jordyn came yesterday, talked to the group and then everyone got to have their picture taken and get an autograph. She also signed one of our beams.
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  4. We've heard rumors that we're getting a visit, but it hasn't been confirmed yet.
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  5. Nastia Liukin visited our gym last time and it was really enjoyable for everyone. The funniest thing was when DH saw her waiting in the extra gym he yelled "hey, aren't you Shawn Johnson the gymnast"? And then when the gym posted photos of the team with Nastia, I could barely see DD's head peeping out from the crowd and had a full body shot of DH standing on the side. Sometimes you just have to laugh ...
  6. This is unbelievable to me. Our gym once had Ragan Smith as a gymnast up until 2013 which is when she went to Texas Dreams. Our gym is wonderful but it seems an opportunity was completely missed here.
    Excited we are going but a little shocked on how we were not given any opportunities for autographs or anything.

    Simply only going.

    Is it too late for my daughter and I to get into an autograph session at the least?
  7. Check Ticketmaster- I heard that there was some sort of VIP autograph event after the show that was a separate purchase.

    Also- a few (mostly men) gymnasts hung around and signed autographs for those that hung around after the show (in the arena). My DD got Donnell's.
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