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Trainings been rough for Alex...

Discussion in 'Canada' started by kitkat, Nov 23, 2017.

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  1. So I am not going to lie... the last few months have been pretty rough. Not sure if any of your girls have gone through a period where nothing works. She's working hard, nothing is happening, the coaches aren't happy, she's tired, she's not loving gym, momma wants to cry.... it was a pretty stressful time.
    Thankfully she is getting over it and starting to feel a better.
    She had a mock meet today and I have to say it turned out better then I expected considering how bad it was 3 weeks ago.
    I just pray that things continue up and not backwards... fingers crossed.

    Finally we got new leos, yah. Love her floor music - Prince, beam has my new favourite mount, IMO pretty risky for L10, bars has been her worst struggle but somehow she pulled through today.

  2. glad things came together for her. Routines look great!
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  3. Thanks for sharing kitkat. It's helpful for our members with young gymnasts to see/ hear that the big girls struggle too. It's great to see Alex healthy and on all four events.

    I love love her beam mount. It risky but attention getting and different.
  4. Looks like it’s coming together— hope it continues for her!
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  5. Looks like it’s coming together— hope it continues for her!
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  6. I think she looks great, especially considering that the season hasn't even started. She also looks like she's been doing some growing in her spare time. I know this sport can be very frustrating, but I hope she feels encouraged by how things went at the mock meet. I also hope her coaches are understanding -- it seems to me in watching our 9s and 10s on both sides that periods of temporary stalling out are not at all uncommon. It is just a lot easier if the stalling confines itself to individual events and they have at least one that's going well!

    I will boldly predict that she's going to have a great year.
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  7. If she's struggling and still can look like this, wow, she is in really good shape! :)
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  8. She looks great, you'd never guess she is struggling!
  9. Oh let me say - its been a rough struggle... but thank you.
    Thank you.
    Oh yes she has grown in so many areas ;) . I think she was a bit surprised at her mock meet - as was I considering how bad training has been over the last month. Coaches :rolleyes: !!!

    Thank you
    Struggle is real at her age.
    Thank you. I hope she can keep things together
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  10. She looks wonderful, I loved watching her videos. Thank you for sharing both the videos and her struggles. As someone else said, it is good for all of us to hear that struggles don't end at a certain level, and pushing through those struggles can lead to beautiful gymnastics like your daughter shows. :)
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  11. Thanks fro sharing! She looks great :)

    Always good to hear. My DS (L10) is having some struggles right now too. So hard to watch them struggle and be frustrated.

    Here's to a good season!!
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  12. I think she looks great. But, truth is, it doesn't matter what I, or anyone else, thinks, it's what she believes. I know she has a lot of up and coming gymnasts in her gym and, speaking from experience, it's very hard to be one of the older athletes watching the excitement surrounding these younger girls. I think the coach is instrumental in keeping confidence up as our girls develop into beautiful young ladies in this sport. When morale is high, her training will be good; the ability is already there. There are ways, even when she is struggling, to celebrate small successes and the coach needs to be doing this. If he is not, I would recommend a sit down conversation with him to discuss some strategies to help Alex feel that she is successful. I may be way off base with what's going on but I thought I'd mention it since I've seen it too many times.
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  13. Thank you. This group is just so awesome

    Good luck to your daughter too....

    I couldn't agree with you more.

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  14. What a beautiful beam mount! How do they do it?
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  15. Forgot to say the new leotard is elegant and gorgeous, I really like the ombre and gray is such an unexpected color which was perfect. Love it!!
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  16. Yes we love the new leos....the girls were so glad to get rid of the other ones.

  17. Yes this is my new favourite beam skill.

    She would be happy to get rid of her BHS BLO BLO. She absolutely hates it and is petrified of it. Plus her deductions are higher then her bonus.. odd they keep it in there. Makes no sense.

  18. Kit Kat, thank you so much for sharing! It was such a pleasure to watch. Alex looks wonderful - amazing beam mount and triple series! I'd never know she was "struggling" with bars, either. FWIW, my DD hates the BHS BLO BLO, too...convinced her coach to let her wait until next year to compete it.:D
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