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Travel Meets: What To Bring

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Active Member
Aug 26, 2008
What do you guys bring when you go to travel meets? I bring my Ipod, cellphone, leg warmers, uggs, hairspray, three hair ribbons, an emergency kit (band-aids, neosporin, etc.), an extra pair of shirt and pants (for afterwards) and a mondo hairbrush... :D, a swimsuit, a camara, and a video camara. What do you guys bring? Also what are some of your travel meets expirences (i.e. the hotel, places you visited, etc.)


New Member
Oct 20, 2008
i bring my cell, clothes,hairbrush,contact solution.extra contacts,eye drops,swimsuit,bandaids neosporin,gym stuff, music player and some other stuff to much to list!!!
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