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Travel size

Discussion in 'Men's Artistic Gymnastics (MAG)' started by sce, Feb 9, 2018.

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  1. Does travel size spray deoderant exist? My ds prefers Surat deodorant when he is in his competition uniform. But he is flying to sone meets and we’d like to not check bags. I cannot find a travel size deodorant spray. Every other aerosol product: hairspray, sunscreen, bug repellent, and shave gel comes in travel size. We found Axe body spray but not sure it will really do the same job.
  2. Axe body spray will not be the same. I am not sure I have seen travel size spray, but I haven't looked. And I am a big fan of checking the bags, so I am really no help other than the first sentence lol
  3. I saw a few in an Amazon search, so they must exist. However, if you are flying AND renting a car, it may be easier to just buy some at your destination... you could always mail it back home in a priority mail flat rate envelope if you dont want the airport to confiscate it on the way back.
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  5. We always travel carry on only, anything we cannot get before we fly, we buy on arrival.
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  6. Maybe you could hack a regular size can open and put it in a travel size spritzer? Never tried, but if all else fails and he MUST have his particular brand...
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  7. Can't edit above post, but if the original can is aerosol, that can be dangerous try to open it (see Youtube examples!). I figure you know that without saying, but thought I would clarify for anyone else reading my 'hack' suggestion!
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  8. I've also had aerosol cans confiscated in airport security, both travel size and full size (hairspray for dd meets). So you might do all this extra work and still be without it. I'd look into airport regulations.
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