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update on integrated briefs - from GK

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Aug 22, 2008
Well, after posting the thread on why briefs aren't integrated into leos, I emailed the question to GK elite. IT took a couple weeks before I got a quick response basically saying that it just isn't good for the design and many girls don't like the feel of briefs. etc.

Well, after several weeks, I just received a very detailed note from one of the designers explaining exactly why they aren't incorporated. They had attempted it several years ago, with ver bad results. The seams at the leg were not stable and if the hem became snagged, it ruined the elastic on the leg which would cause ride ups and sometimes just total failure of the elastic. Also, because the brief moved with the leo at the point where it matters the most (the privates), it would ride the same way. Basically, it just didn't do what it was designed to do. They do have an option of a liner but it doesn't offer more coverage - it's there more for added protection of (ahem..) normal bodily functions in young women.

The designer also stated that it really is important to wear the competition briefs and that they have to sit at the waist. If they sit at the hip, then they won't move with the body. They will jsut sit there at the hip and they will eventually peek through the leo when the leo rides up. Apparently, if the briefs are secured at the waist, they will rise just like the leos.

I just wanted to add that this was some great customer service!!! While it did take quite a while for this designer to write, she didn't have to do it at all. The first response basically answered the question well enough. The note must have taken her several minutes to write... I'm impressed.

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