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Discussion in 'UK' started by Lss17, Aug 24, 2018.

  1. hi, my 7 year old daughter has worked really hard over summer to get her upstart. She got a few up at home but not very often. At gym training she managed to do it and then she got 10 up in a row on her first time there. Now she has just over a week off as it’s a weeks break for her group. I’m really worried she won’t be able to do it again when she goes back. She keeps trying at home but doesn’t quite do it although very close. She does say it feels easier at gym as has hand guards on and bar is different.
    Am I worrying about nothing? I think she’s amazing to even get it as I know it’s hard.
  2. My advice is to stop her doing them at home. They are a very technical skill, and timing is everything. It is very easy to pick up bad habits when the coaches eye is not on them.
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  3. Getting an upstart (kip for some) is a huge accomplishment in itself, congrats to her for that!
    Losing it a bunch of time is part of the process to getting it consistent, don't worry too much about it

    And leave gym in the gym, it could be that she is teaching herself incorrect technique. That will make it harder for her to get.
  4. My daughter was struggling with upstart too a few months back., when you see others perform an upstart it looks simple to do, but is really difficult. My daughter managed to perform it first on shiny bar then did it on wooden. Well done to her.
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  5. In the kindest way possible, let gymnastics be HER thing.You shouldn't be 'really worrying' about her skills
    .If she picks up on this (and she will) you will turn it from a fun hobby to something she becomes anxious about pleasing you in
  6. That’s what I did in the end just stepped back and stopped her doing them at home. I want her to carrying on loving the sport without me getting her to do stuff as I’m not coach! She was completely fine after a week off and did them at gym and can do them fine now. Just need to remind ourselves to step back and let the coaches coach them.
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