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US Championships

Discussion in 'Men's Artistic Gymnastics (MAG)' started by jenjean70, Aug 18, 2018.

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  1. I wanted to give a "shout out" to my boys' friend and our neighbor who just tied for 1st at the US Championship- WOW! Congratulations to Fuzzy Benas!!!!
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  2. One of D's friends was 4th..... .05 out of the 3 way tie for 1st!!
  3. That's so cool! I am just excited that I "know" a gymnast with that amount of talent! He is such a sweet, down to earth kid. He and his brothers are all gymnasts and they come over and hang out with the boys if they ever get free time. Fuzzy and his younger brother are into video games and play those with the boys while their little brother plays with our dog and makes forts on the stairs. Lol! Also, Fuzzy shows me new things about editing my videos sometimes.
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  4. That is so cool! It's crazy to me that they almost had a 4 way tie for first! Has that ever happened before? Three is even crazy enough! It reminds me of the worlds uneven bars tie for first place a few years back. Although, when you think about it, that was just one score for one event. These guys tied with scores combined from 12 events! Pretty wild.
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  5. Is anyone watching from in the US? The NBC Olympic channel is showing some triathlon!
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  6. I think it is just on NBC now...
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  7. Yeah, got it. Grrr!
  8. I am waiting for D to get home to watch...it is torture! His girlfriend had a field hockey game today..
  9. Lol!
  10. I can't believe no one has asked yet, but what is the story behind a nickname like "Fuzzy"?
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  11. We decided to watch the youtube stream.....waaaaaay better than NBC! We saw way more gymnasts with way less commentary..lol. D was my commentator!
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  12. It was amazing to watch them! When they came out to award the all around, I was trying to figure out why they were all standing so close together at first and then it all became clear. They really all did such a phenomenal job.
  13. You probably saw our group a few times then because the boys kept trying to get on the Jumbotron. One of our boys has memorized the Code of Points for floor exercise, so we had him figuring out difficulty scores while we were watching. He was amazingly accurate.
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  14. I asked his parents a few years ago and they told me when they were pregnant with him he looked like a fuzzy bean on the ultrasound so they called him "Fuzzy" before he was even born. Lol!
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  15. I set it to record but it didn't give me the option to record NBC so I missed the 2nd half....UGH!
  16. That's exactly what happened to me, but I just found the full recording with commentary on YouTube. Watching the 2nd half now.
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  17. and they did a way better job on YouTube!
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